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Izzie’s End of the Year Program at School

Wow, time flies! Isabella is going to her school’s day camp (they call it cougar camp), twice a week, starting this week. Next month, she’s going to start Pre-K3! We took her off school/day care for a month so we can concentrate on potty training. We’re happy to announce that she did great! She’s now [...]

When Daddy’s Away..Izzie Comes Up With The Sweetest Things To Say

David (Daddy) had to go to Korea last Saturday for business. Saturday was also Isabella’s cousin’s Birthday! We all went to Storybook Land to celebrate Eva’s birthday. Daddy had to leave early so he was not able to come with us.  I have Isabella’s younger sister Gabi in a front carrier most of the day [...]

Reason Behind

We want to create an online video journal for our eldest daughter Isabella.  To document different things and activities that she’s interested in and different milestones in her life. So she can look back when she’s a lot older and see her videos. Isabella turned three last month and she’s just so much fun to [...]