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Posted on 6:34 pm

First, I would like to let you know that this is my first attempt at blogging.  When the idea of doing a an online video journal for Isabella came to mind, I thought it will be easy :)   All I have to do is upload videos! But while I was trying to create my first post on this WordPress site, it hit me! What am I doing? I cant just upload videos without some sort of introduction or explanation on what the video is about!  Family and friends that visit the site won’t even know what the videos are!  They might not get it!  Isabella might not get it when she reads this blog 12 years from now!

So here I am..writing an introduction of some sort.  I would like to make a disclaimer though :) I am not a writer and English is not my first language.  So please excuse me if there are grammatical errors here and there.  Good thing WordPress has spell check or I would have a lot of errors on that area as well.

I also dont know where to start.  I told myself to just write whatever comes to mind.  And guess what? We’re on the third paragraph! I know i would come back and delete a few sentences/words after I’m done.  But I am glad on making some progress.

Anyways..let me introduce this first video post!  This video was taken a couple of weeks ago.  I want to test if Isabella would be open to me videotaping her and if she would follow directions. All I ask her to say is “Welcome to my website” and got a little more and some funny stuff with it.  Enjoy!

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  1. Maryfe says:

    this is really neat! kudos to you, mommy! what a fun way to document her milestones. and she’s just soooo adorable!

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