When Daddy’s Away..Izzie Comes Up With The Sweetest Things To Say

Posted on 12:31 am

David (Daddy) had to go to Korea last Saturday for business. Saturday was also Isabella’s cousin’s Birthday! We all went to Storybook Land to celebrate Eva’s birthday. Daddy had to leave early so he was not able to come with us.  I have Isabella’s younger sister Gabi in a front carrier most of the day so I can still attend to Isabella while we’re at the park.  Gabi is only 6 months and she loved that i had her in my carrier facing out.

We had a great time with the cousins!  After the park, Isabella, Gabi and I were able to nap for a little bit.  We ate dinner and I gave the kids a bath.  After a long day, I tucked Isabella to bed and laid next to her.  That’s when I felt that my back was aching really bad :) I looked at Isabella and asked “Did you have fun with your cousins? It was a long day huh?”

Isabella said that she had fun and she mentioned all the cool rides that she took and the characters she saw. Then I told her that I was glad she had fun. But I was thinking “Wow!  I need a long rest! And its the first night that David is gone! And he will be gone for FIVE DAYS!!!! Oh no! I don’t think I’ll survive!”

But just as I was about to close my eyes, I hear Isabella say “Guess what Mom!?”

I asked “What?” hoping that she won’t ask me to go downstairs to get crackers or a drink.  Isabella said the sweetest thing she has ever said!  She said “You’re the best mommy EVER!” I was pleasantly surprised :) Close to tearing up, I hugged her and said “That is sooo sweet of you honey!”  Then she added, “And I have the best Daddy ever!  And the best Gabi ever!”

It was soooo sweet!  All the back pains, all the stress from running after her at the park and all the doubts that I’ll make it through five days (alone with the kids) went away!  It was just sooo sweet!

Isabella and Gabi were good the whole time David was away.  There were stressful moments, but when I think of what Isabella said the first night, I smile and it makes everything better!

I am writing about it in this blog..so in case she reads this 10 years from now. She’ll see how a simple but sweet sentence can affect someone. And people say that girls tend to dislike their mothers at one point. So I guess this is also a proof that she told me that I am the greatest mom ever :)

David was supposed to come home today. We were all looking forward to it because we miss him so much!  But his flight home was cancelled because of thunderstorms.  But before we found out it was cancelled, we made a banner for Daddy.  Isabella decorated the banner!  It was sweet but we were sad a little bit cos he won’t see the banner.  And we used all the helium we have in the house (yup! we sometimes keep a small tank of helium just in case we want to blow up balloons :) jk its the leftover tank from Isabella’s third birthday party).

Enjoy the video! I guess we can go to the dollar store tomorrow to get balloons.

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