Izzie’s End of the Year Program at School

Posted on 5:23 pm

Wow, time flies! Isabella is going to her school’s day camp (they call it cougar camp), twice a week, starting this week. Next month, she’s going to start Pre-K3!

We took her off school/day care for a month so we can concentrate on potty training. We’re happy to announce that she did great! She’s now potty trained! Just in time for camp!

Before I forget and get busy with work, I would like to share the video from her school’s End of the Year Program. The video was taken last month.  Isabella did great and made us really proud!

When Isabella turned two, instead of continuing her contract at a home day care near our house, we decided to enroll her part-time at the Early Education Program at a private Christian school (for privacy/security reasons, we are not going to mention it here).

Our decision came after we joined a small group and did a study on the book – Shepherding A Child’s Heart.  We concluded that our main goal for Isabella and Gabi is to raise them in the Christian faith and that they grow with a love for God and respect for others.

We know that enrolling them in a private Christian school does not guarantee the fulfillment of our main goal.  But we think that it will greatly help since the school will reinforce the beliefs that we have and that there will be prayer in school.  Our hope is that they will have a good start at the school and that they learn the important things we want them to learn during the first years of their developmental phase.  Isabella finished her first year at school knowing that there is God and about Christ (although she doesn’t know about His gift of salvation yet), knowing how to pray, knowing that its not good to say bad words, knowing some scriptures and just learning a lot of academic stuff (ABCs, colors, shapes, etc).

Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

Start children off on the way they should go,  and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Enrolling Isabella in private school was not easy.  Last year, Daddy worked as a teacher and I only work as a part-time web programmer/graphic designer.  So financially, it was tough!  Watching the video reminds me how God provided in different ways.  When we enrolled her, we questioned ourselves if we will be able to afford the tuition.  But it has been a year and Isabella was able to complete Early Ed.

Although, I wonder why I even question.  Since God’s faithful provision IS the story of our life! From being born in the Philippines..to finding my husband who lives on the other side of the globe…to being able to come to the best country in the world…to not having difficulty finding work here..to David being able to finish college without student loans…to him not finding difficulty finding work…to work medical benefits that allowed us to do IVF (and have our dream of having kids) and provide care for David’s health issues without any out of pocket costs..to David’s new work that will make it a little easier to enroll both Isabella and Gabi to the same school starting September…and the list goes on.

So enjoy watching the video!  It really holds more meaning to us than proud parents sharing a cute video :)

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