We want to create an online video journal for our eldest daughter Isabella. To document different things and activities that she’s interested in and different milestones in her life. So she can look back when she’s a lot older and see her videos.

Isabella turned three last month and she’s just so much fun to be with. She’s such a blessing and she gives us great joy. She says a lot of sweet and funny stuff – the reason why i called this blog “Izzie Talk.” She sometimes come up with her own words and tells you the meaning of it. And she doesn’t like it when you say curse words or not so nice words like S-T-U-P-I-D or “oh my G__”- when she hears those words, she will make sure to that you know its bad and will correct you.

She also finds different toys and activities that she obsesses about. Some she finds online on her own while watching cartoons on YouTube. Some she sees on infomercial or from friends and other people.

Our hope is that someday..maybe when she’s twelve or older, she’ll go on this website and see the different activities that she loved and shared with her parents. She’ll also read about the different times when she has touched our lives or made us laugh.

We love you Isabella! And we are so happy that God gave us you :)